We tend to invest a lot of time or expense vacuuming our homes and businesses.

We’d never let the extractor fan in our bathroom or the rangehood in our kitchen clog up with dust and oil. Right?

And yet we neglect the HVAC filters in our air conditioning units for months—even years—at a time.

Here’s why you should stop doing that—and why changing them out monthly is going to protect your family, your AC, and your wallet.

#1. It’s Better For Your People

HVAC filters trap dust and pollutants that can antagonize your family. In businesses, the issue is even more crucial, with dust mites being linked to higher rates of asthma attack and allergic reaction. If the people in your home or business suffer from allergies or breathing difficulties, clean, breathable air is the most important way you can improve the situation—and you can do it immediately.

Changing the filter monthly reduces the amount of dust and dirt being caught up in your AC unit and spread back out into your home or business.

#2. It’s Better For Your AC

Expecting your AC unit to run for months at a time without changing out the filters is an accident waiting to happen. It strains the motor of your unit, forcing it to work harder for longer to deliver the same results. Besides, your AC comes with a shelf-life. That shelf-life is tested under what the AC manufacturing industry calls optimal operating conditions. In short, that shelf-life relies on you keeping your unit maintained, clean, and in good running condition.

If you’re in a really good position, you may find that there’s not too much dust build-up after a month. It still pays to check. You can reduce wear and tear on your AC unit by checking it monthly for problems.

#3. It’s Better For Your Wallet

If your HVAC filters are clogging up with dirt and debris, you’re forcing it to run longer and consume more power. Essentially, you’re pushing up your energy bill. On top of that, you’re extending your AC unit’s shelf life—which helps delay the expense of a new one.

How often are you changing your HVAC filters? Let us know below!