Air conditioner helps in cooling the internal environment and keeps it pleasant, providing comprehensive protection from warm temperatures outside. Air conditioners are particularly helpful in regions where the temperatures easily soar over the comfortable temperature, making it difficult to sustain to in the normal air temperature. However, as the air conditioners are expensive home appliances, maintaining it properly can save hundreds of dollars on repairs and maintenance if properly maintained. Thankfully Los Angeles air conditioning experts Temperature Control Corp are here to assist. There are several tips the users can keep in mind and practice themselves to ensure that their air conditioner functions optimally and lasts long, without malfunctioning or needing repair for a long time. Few of these tips are as follows –


  • The filters of the air conditioner are where all the dust, dirt and debris get accumulated. This ensures that only the clean and pure air is passed on to the internal environment. Cleaning the filters every month and replacing it half-yearly or yearly ensures that your air conditioner doesn’t have to overwork itself to function optimally.
  • Always make sure that you call a certified technician to service your air conditioner one month prior to the summer season. Annual maintenance is necessary to ensure that the air conditioner is in proper condition, else it can increase the energy bills and any problems with the AC can also be determined before it gets bigger.
  • Make sure that the area near the condensing unit is clean and clear of any plants, shrubs, and other obstruction, so that proper air circulation can be facilitated. In the otherwise case, the condensing unit has to work harder to pull the air, which can increase the energy bill and can also negatively affect the performance of the air conditioner.
  • Do check if the drain lines are clean and not restricted, otherwise it will cause water leakage from the air conditioner. The condensation should drain freely and without any hindrance to perform in the way it should.
  • If possible, do make a shade for the condensing unit of your air conditioner. It helps in protecting your condensing unit during rough weather and also ensures that unwanted dust and debris do not make its way inside.
  • The insulation of the suction line should be secured strongly and if there is any worn out insulation, it should be replaced. It helps the air conditioner to cool the air faster and work just like new, as it doesn’t have to work harder than it is meant to for cooling inside temperature.
  • Cleaning the evaporator is also necessary if you have a central air conditioner. It is not always accessible to do-it-yourself, but in case it is, makes sure you clean it at least once a year. If it is not possible for you, call the technician.

Air conditioners are extremely important in summers, especially in the regions where the temperature has the tendency to go above comfortable range. It becomes difficult to sustain hot temperatures inside the home, office or just any other space for long, but air conditioner can help in maintaining a cool temperature, regardless of what the temperature is outside. The above maintenance tips can help in keeping your air conditioner work as new always, but in any case, getting annual maintenance of a certified technician is necessary to ensure there are no recurring or growing problems with your air conditioner that may cost you a lot at a later stage.

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