Can You Save on Air Con Energy Cost While Keeping it On?

It’s a no-brainer- if you want to save on your electricity bill- minimize the use of air conditioning. But with the summer heat rising up, sometimes, you just can’t. Here are some wise tips on how you can save when air conditioning is a must.


  1. Use Portable Units
    If your intention is to get cool all day and you don’t have that big of a house, use portable units or window units in areas where you most hang out. If you are in your study or bedroom often, these units are recommended because they use 50% less energy compared to central air conditioning units.
  2. Close-off Vents
    The coolest part of the house is the lower ground or your basement. Make sure that all vents are closed here so that cool air will sink down and force all air up to the higher areas of your home as it goes down.
  3. Install good insulation
    Check the ducks in your attic and all throughout your home to make sure they are properly insulated. You want to make sure that you are getting all that cool air from your unit and not wasting them because of bad insulation. If your home is properly insulated, then you won’t need to use your air con unit on high because you are keeping all the cool air inside 100%.
  4. Reorganize your furniture
    Now, how does that help? Some furniture can actually block air con vents. So instead of cooling the room, it’s cooling the back of the sofa or the left side of a cabinet. Make sure that you rearrange your furniture accordingly so you can get the benefit of cool air and circulate it around the room efficiently.
  5. Optimize performance
    You can gear for optimal performance by using the 78 degree point or you can take your temperature 5 degrees lower. This can actually make you save up to 40%.
  6. Dim the Lights
    Do you feel it is extra cool in a movie house or theater?  That’s because there is little light inside. Turning off lights can help lower down heat. In a home setting, the amount of sunlight that comes in can affect the coolness of the room.
  7. Repair your units
    Air con repair is not a luxury- it is a must. Damaged unit can cause you more than you think and can skyrocket your electric bill in no time. Hosing out your air conditioning or cleaning out those clogs and foreign materials off your unit can actually make it work with efficiency. A bad unit works 15% harder than a good functioning unit and can add up to the energy it uses and thus, an increase in the money you pay your energy provider.


If you are ready to save electricity when using your AC this summer, follow the tips which have been outlined above. By doing so, anyone in the world can save at least a few dollars monthly from their electricity bills. Remember to keep in mind the fact that it is always better to save electricity for any purposes as it helps your pocket, but also the planet.

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