Thanks to climate change, heatwaves are more prone in summer these days. For some reason, air conditioning units suffer meltdowns failing to cool you and your property.

To avert such a scenario it’s best that you make adequate changes to your air conditioner to avoid it breaking down. Most of the times, the breakdown is caused by something small such as clogging.

Removing the clog and cleaning the unit is all you need to restore it to normalcy. But the question is, how do you do a DIY coil cleaning to make the air conditioning work better? Let’s find out how…

Before you commence with the cleaning process, you need to familiarize yourself with the two kinds of coils that are critical to the air conditioning unit functions. These two coils are the condenser and the evaporator.


The Condensor Coil: it’s attached to the exterior unit, and it’s responsible for releasing excess heat from your home.


The Evaporator Coil: its absorbs both the heat and humidity from your interior space. The coil is attached to the internal air conditioning unit.


If the air conditioning unit falls short of working at peak performance, they (the coils) are contributing to the cooling malfunction. It means that you need to clean them to get the unit running again.

The condenser coil mounted on the exterior unit is more vulnerable to adverse weather effects such as pollutants, dirt, and soot. It becomes increasingly dirty if you live in more polluted areas such as a bust street level or the city.

Dust is the biggest threat to this coil, and the more it gets trapped, the less efficient your air conditioning unit becomes, and the higher your power bill gets!

When you skip cleaning your air conditioning coils, heat becomes trapped inside the condenser coil, thus leaving you uncomfortable because humidity gets stuck in your living space. 

The evaporator coil gets choked by the dirt, and it’s unable to absorb the heat. You entire cooling unit will consume more power as it struggles to cool your space.

Soon, you will realize there’s something wrong with the quality of air and if left long, mold, bacteria and mildew will start growing in your property since the humid environment is conducive for them. 

So How Do You Know Its Time To Carry Out Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning?

HVAC experts recommend that you should have your air conditioning cleaned in the very least two times a year.

To save on costs, make sure that you have an HVAC maintenance plan that captures the air conditioning coil cleaning in the service contract.

But if you live on a busy street or city, one that has high levels of pollution, it’s best that you schedule more cleaning appointments. Regular coil cleaning is a preventative maintenance step that pro-longs your air conditioning unit’s life.

Getting an HVAC professional to drop by yours routinely throughout the year not only ensures your unit functions at full capacity, but it also helps keep your power bills low!