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Top 5 Ways To Reduce Air Conditioning Bills

During the summers, it is a well known fact that energy cost continues to rise at a massive pace. The people just cannot bear the external temperature, and it is the air conditions that ensure a comfortable temperature inside the premise. However, the increasing energy bills can burn a deep hole in your pocket if [...]

Noisy Heating Systems and the Underlying Causes

It’s not just things that go bump in the night that give us pause for thought or a reason to be concerned. Most unusual noises in the home can be traced back to one root cause: the heating system. Regardless of whether you live in the most modern house with state of the art heating [...]

How To Balance Indoor Humidity

No matter where in the country your home is located there are always problems maintaining the humidity levels throughout the house. While your living room may be comfy, the kitchen and bedrooms might be cold and damp. Not only is the correct humidity desirable for your comfort but incorrect levels can lead to excess moisture [...]

Why Are Newer Gas Furnaces More Energy Efficient?

Newer gas furnaces are more energy-efficient because they are often designed in order to meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Appliances which are rated as EnergyStar –approved are very attractive to consumers, as they use up less power and they are eco-friendly. This is why many manufacturers of newer gas furnaces produce EnergyStar-rated designs. It’s just [...]

Will This Be The Season I Replace My Furnace?

When it comes to weather, some parts of the country simply luck out.  For those living in southern California, beautiful weather is more of the expectation than a rare occurrence.  As a result, we aren’t the quickest to replace aged heating units.  While other parts of the country race to get heating ready for the [...]

Protect Your Air Conditioning System with a UV Purifier

Most people purchase UV purifiers in order to rid their homes of mold, germs and other pollutants. However, there is a secondary benefit to running one of these handy and practical purifiers in your home and this is the fact that doing so will help you to protect your air conditioning system and/or heat pump. [...]

Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioning Issues

Every year, countless individuals battle with their air conditioners.  Along with the strain of making sure all the right settings are programmed in, there are also the countless costs associated with hiring a professional if something goes wrong with the air conditioner.  The next time something goes wrong, don’t pick up the phone.  Instead, take [...]

Save Money With A New Thermostat Installation

Thermostats have been around for a while.  Designed to automatically regulate temperatures inside the home, thermostats are reactionary in nature, acting only when they register the interior temperature to be at a certain point.  While there have been many advancements to the thermostat since the first models created in the 1830’s by the Scottish chemist [...]

Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioning Problems

On a hot day, an air conditioner can be a blessing, but you’ll run into problems over time with any air conditioner. Whether you use an HVAC system or a window-mounted unit, air conditioners will eventually require maintenance. You can fix the air conditioner yourself with a few simple tools, but it’s important to take [...]