Bel Air’s Best Air Conditioning and Heating Service is Temperature Control Corp

Temperature Control Corp are experts in the energy efficiency of air conditioning service, heating service, and indoor air quality services in Bel Air, CA.  If you are concerned about your electricity bills and want a way to bring down the cost of heating and cooling your home, look no further than Temperature Control Corp.  Local to Bel Air, CA and with over 25 years as a heating and air conditioning company our trained associates have the experience to help you do an energy audit on your home and find ways to help you lower your costs.

Bel Air Heating Energy Savings

Try some of these tips to reduce your energy costs while heating your home in Bel Air, CA.  At Temperature Control Corp we can look at your furnace and your ducts, but you take some very small steps right now to save a few dollars.

  • Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree to save 3% on your energy bill.
  • Turn off bathroom and kitchen fans as soon as they have done their job or they can send warm air out of the house.
  • Reduce the temperature of your water heater by a degree or two.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking your heating vents, such as carpets or furniture, so that you are getting all the benefit of the warm air.
  • Clean the air filter in your furnace. Sometimes people call for heating repair when the only problem is a clogged filter.

Bel Air Air Conditioning Energy Savings

You can also take some steps yourself to save some money on air conditioning.

  • Make sure you have the correct size AC unit, otherwise you are cooling space that isn’t there.
  • Make sure that all ducts moving cold air through your house are connected properly so you don’t waste cold air.
  • Install a smart thermostat that makes sure you aren’t running the AC when no one is home.

Bel Air HVAC Services

Take a few of these steps and you should notice an improvement in you energy bills, but for real savings call Temperature Control Corp for a full energy audit and a review of all of your air handling equipment.  We will look at all of the areas in your home where energy may be escaping, and we will closely inspect at your heating and cooling units. You may find that it is time for an air conditioner repair or a heater repair.

Bel Air Heating and Air Conditioning Company Helps with Costs

If there is a problem with your heating and cooling equipment, Temperature Control Corp will help you find the most energy efficient model to place in our home.  We will remove the old model and install the most energy efficient new models that are up to code and guaranteed to save you money. Take a look at your energy bill now and give Temperature Control Corp a call today to save money and energy!