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Temperature Control Corp is an excellent source for those who want to quality commercial and home HVAC services in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact us for a free consultation so we can devise a plan to provide improved indoor air quality for your home or workplace. Temperature Control Corp is a full-service Beverly Hills, CA heating and air conditioning company that provides services to the homeowner and business owner. We install light commercial and home HVAC systems, as well as providing repair and maintenance for them.  Beverly Hills HVAC company Temperature Control Corp has worked in Los Angeles for more than 25 years, so we understand our customers and the local area.  Contact us to review your air quality systems today!

Beverly Hills Indoor Air Quality Services

There are many sources of indoor air quality problems.  Some are naturally occurring in the environment and some are a consequence of the energy efficiency of today’s buildings that are tightly sealed to prevent any air from escaping or entering.  Irritants or harmful substances that get into a building tend to stay there, because there is no way for them to escape.

The outcome of this is that irritants that dangerous toxins that may make people sick over time or irritants that may cause sensitive or allergies may become trapped inside a building. Some sources of indoor air pollution include:


  • Combustion Sources – tobacco oil, kerosene, gas, coal, carbon monoxide
  • Building Materials – cabinetry or furniture made out of pressed wood, industrial carpet fumes, paints, floor finishes
  • Household Products – cleaning products. personal care products, and products and substances used in hobbies
  • Outdoor Sources – radon, pesticide, air pollution, smog, pollen
  • Biological Sources – bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, animal dander, dust mites, cockroaches


Beverly Hills HVAC Services

There may be several solutions to your indoor pollution problems.   Some of the ways we may find to fix your issues may require repairing or replacing duct work, installing air purifiers, or installing humidifiers. Temperature Control Corp in Beverly Hills can deliver skilled service, maintenance and repair for any of these solutions that you may choose for your home and business problems.

Beverly Hills Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Temperature Control Corp also specializes in air conditioning repair for the major air conditioner brands.  Some of the set ups that AC units require with duct work and the chemicals used to cool the air may be the cause of indoor air quality problems. Whether you use room air conditioners for your business, or you need a central air conditioner repaired in your home or multi-family dwelling, our certified technicians can determine what is causing your problems, repair them, and even install new air conditioner units if that is needed.

Beverly Hills Heating Service and Repair

It’s possible that your furnace or heating system may be the source of indoor air pollution.  Temperature Control Corp has expert diagnostic services in heater repair that can determine the causes any indoor air quality problems caused by your heating system. If that is the problems, we can provide expert heating repair. Call us in Beverly Hills now!

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