Burbank’s Best HVAC Services from Temperature Control Corp

Temperature Control Corp is a trusted in quality air conditioning and heating services in Burbank, CA. We are equipped to handle commercial and residential HVAC problems in Burbank, CA. Temperature Control Corp has been in business for over twenty five years and has worked with many residents and businesses in the Burbank, CA area to keep their summers cool and winters warm at unbeatable rates and long term cost-effective results.

Burbank CA HVAC Services

Our specially trained associates are equipped with knowledge in all commercial HVAC issues.

  • Maintenance – annual inspections to make sure all systems are in tip top shape.
  • Assessing Loose Ducts– examining all duct work in the ceiling that delivers warm and cool air.
  • Repairing Loose Ducts – Determining loose ducts and repairing them effectively.
  • Inspecting Rooftop HVAC Equipment – checking filters, heating and cooling equipment, and blowers on packaged units and rooftop units.
  • Installation of REGEN Controllers – installing controllers that automatically control energy consumption during peak demand.

Burbank Air Conditioning Service

Temperature Control Corp has the air conditioning repair expertise and the professionalism to analyze, assess the situation, and fix the problem whatever it may be.  Whether your ducts are not sealed or you need specific air conditioner repair our technicians are familiar with many brands and can accomplish the job quickly. We offer yearly maintenance contracts to make sure your AC does not encounter any problems.

Burbank Heating Service.

Have furnace problems? Our crew of professionals can come in and repair it immediately.  We possess the knowledge and experience to analyze all aspects of your HVAC system in Burbank. We can determine whether you need a replacement, or if the system simply needs a new part. With commercial buildings, it is especially important to be prepared for cold weather, even if it is not a usual occurrence. Temperature Control Corp is experienced with AC and heating repair Burbank.

Burbank Indoor Air Quality Services

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by many different factors, especially in commercial buildings.  Temperature Control Corp are experts at easily determining the cause and fixing it quickly.  Chemicals and fumes trapped inside furniture, or other porous materials like insulation, carpets, and fabrics can affect the air quality just as much as external contaminants from outside the building making their way in through poor construction and ventilation. Chemicals such as pesticides, air pollutants, or even fumes from neighboring buildings can easily seep through the building’s doors and windows.

Burbank Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

Contact Temperature Control Corp for all of your commercial heating and cooling maintenance and repair servicing needs in Burbank CA.  We offer annual inspections to make sure your systems are in top shape and performing effectively and efficiently. This will help you save money and give you total peace of mind. There are so many problems to worry about in a commercial space, don’t let your HVAC system be one of them.  Leave that to Temperature Control Corp. Give us a call now for a consultation by one of our specialized associates.

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