Calabasas Heating and Air Conditioning Services from Temperature Control Corp

Temperature Control Corp is a heating and air conditioning company in Calabasas CA, which has been dealing with HVAC issues in the San Fernando Valley for over 25 years. During that time the Temperature Control Corp has partnered with many local companies to successfully keep their heating and air conditioning working in a cost effective and dependable manner.

Calabasas CA HVAC Service

Our certified specialists are skilled and proficient in all aspects of commercial and residential HVAC services:

  • Repairing Duct Work – inspecting duct work that handles hot and cold air, and repairing those ducts that are unstable
  • Preventative Maintenance – yearly inspections of all HVAC equipment to keep it running efficiently.
  • Loose Duct Work – finding loose ducts or areas where they are becoming detached and reattaching them so that they work effectively.
  • Rooftop HVAC Equipment – checking rooftop and package units to determine if the different cooling and heating components such as filters, and blowers are working.
  • REGEN Controllers – installing automatic devices that can control demand remotely, allowing customers to regulate energy use when demand peaks

Calabasas Air Conditioning Service

If your company needs air conditioning repair in Calabasas, Temperature Control Corp has the expertise and familiarity to work quickly and effectively in your place of business, diagnose the problem, and fix it.  If you need precise air conditioner repair for your AC unit our technicians are proficient with many brands of air conditioners and can finish the job quickly without incurring too much downtime for your business.  We can also set up maintenance contracts to inspect the air conditioning year-round  to prevent repairs, and make sure your unit runs well.

Calabasas Heating Service

When problems with your furnace surface, our expert technicians can arrive on site to evaluate the conditions of your heating system, and if necessary make repairs immediately.  We have the expertise to review your whole HVAC system to decide whether your business or home needs heater repair in Calabasas, CA.  Commercial buildings need to be kept at constant temperatures and be ready for the occasional cold snap because the tenants rely on you. Remember that Temperature Control Corp is knowledgeable and proficient in heating repair.

Calabasas Indoor Air Quality Service

There are diverse causes of indoor air pollution, with commercial buildings in particular.  Temperature Control Corp is experienced in assessing the issues specific to your commercial or industrial space. Commercial air contaminants can come from fumes and products inside, including pressed wood furniture, carpeting, paint, or insulation.  There may also be biological or environmental contaminants that get inside via the door or vents.  They can include pesticides, radon, air pollutions, bacteria and viruses, or cockroaches.

Calabasas Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Company.

Call local Calabasas HVAC company Temperature Control Corp for all of your commercial and residential cooling and heating services.  We will provide yearly examinations to prevent repairs and ensure energy efficiency. By working with us, you don’t need to let your HVAC system be a problem you need to worry about.  Call us now to discuss your HVAC!