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Top 5 Ways To Reduce Air Conditioning Bills

During the summers, it is a well known fact that energy cost continues to rise at a massive pace. The people just cannot bear the external temperature, and it is the air conditions that ensure a comfortable temperature inside the premise. However, the increasing energy bills can burn a deep hole in your pocket if [...]

What’s That Racket? How To Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner

A noisy air conditioner can be an unwanted distraction. Imagine that you get one installed so you can sleep easily, only to be constantly woken up by an irritating sound. How is a person supposed to sleep through a loud buzzing noise? Chances are you probably don't have your own personal maintenance worker around to [...]

Can you save on your energy bills with ceiling fans?

Lots of people want to trim their energy usage a little. Some people want to do it to save money on their bills. Others want to contribute to helping the environment. Most will do it for a hybrid of both reasons. Whatever your reasons, you may be wondering whether you can save money on your [...]

Optimize Your AC: Ductwork Design Pitfalls To Avoid

When it comes to renovating any space, personal or professional, the list of things you have to keep in mind is a long one indeed. Planning changes to the ductwork design of your HVAC system may not necessarily be first and foremost on your mind. Nonetheless, it is something you will absolutely want to keep [...]

An Array of AC Systems: Selecting the Right One for You

When you invest in an AC system for your home or business, you want to make sure that the one you buy keeps you cool, comfortable and is also cost-effective. Given that there are so many air-conditioning options out there, it’s important to know the different types of symptoms and how they work so that [...]

Is That Loud Noise In Your AC Keeping You Awake At Night?

It may bother you when you hear noises coming from your air conditioner.  You aren’t sure what are normal noises and what could be signs of trouble.  In today’s world of air conditioning, the units are made high efficiency and should have noise dampening technology installed which will help to keep the sound level down [...]

Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning Ensures That The AC Retains Its Cool

Thanks to climate change, heatwaves are more prone in summer these days. For some reason, air conditioning units suffer meltdowns failing to cool you and your property. To avert such a scenario it’s best that you make adequate changes to your air conditioner to avoid it breaking down. Most of the times, the breakdown is [...]

Is Your Air Conditioner Vulnerable To Theft?

Some neighborhoods are safer than others. You may not have witnessed or heard of any crime in your area in recent times. You may be aware of theft and other petty crimes that can have a serious consequence for those at loss. Any valuable fixture installed outside is vulnerable to theft. The outdoor unit of [...]

Jump Out Ahead of Air Conditioner Maintenance This Spring

There’s nothing quite as cool or as refreshing as springtime air, or as enjoyable as throwing open your doors and windows and letting your house air out after a way to long winter. And while the spring is usually filled with temperatures that jump all over the place – nice and warm one day and [...]

Three Common A/C Problems

If you're hot in the summer and unable to get your air conditioner working properly then it may be time to call in an expert for repair help. Your air conditioner may be working erratically, not blowing cold air, or even simply making loud noises. Whatever the problem, getting professional help is a good idea. [...]