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Avoid These Common Home Humidification System Mistakes

Did you know that the static shocks and dry air that plague many homes during winter can trace back to inadequate relative humidity levels? The optimal relative humidity in your home should be around 30-60%, but in the dead of winter, that can drop to as low as 10 or even 6%. One way to [...]

The 5-Minute Guide to Central Humidifiers

It’s old news that humidifiers are good for your health, especially in the colder months during cold and flu season. But did you know that humidifiers are good for pretty much everything in your home? Your pets, your plants, your electronic devices, your furniture, etc. And did you know that you could install a humidifier [...]

Is Your Home Too Dusty? Check Your HVAC!

No property is completely immune to dust. Factories that need a dust free environment to maintain the ideal manufacturing conditions use a plethora of devices or equipments such as inertial separators, fabric filters, wet scrubbers, unit collectors, electrostatic precipitators and centrifugal filters among others. A residential property cannot have and is not ideal for such [...]

Simple Remedies to Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the unavoidable realities of winter is the complete lack of natural ventilation. The moment mercury slides below optimum levels of comfort, most people would shut their windows and doors, many will rework the insulation and some will not venture outdoors to get some fresh air. Natural ventilation can render heaters ineffective and there [...]

How To Balance Indoor Humidity

No matter where in the country your home is located there are always problems maintaining the humidity levels throughout the house. While your living room may be comfy, the kitchen and bedrooms might be cold and damp. Not only is the correct humidity desirable for your comfort but incorrect levels can lead to excess moisture [...]

Protect Your Air Conditioning System with a UV Purifier

Most people purchase UV purifiers in order to rid their homes of mold, germs and other pollutants. However, there is a secondary benefit to running one of these handy and practical purifiers in your home and this is the fact that doing so will help you to protect your air conditioning system and/or heat pump. [...]

Top 6 Benefits of Ducts Sealing

A properly sealed and well designed duct system can help in maintaining a cool temperature inside the house, while also ensuring that there is no heat or cool air loss. It also helps save hundreds of dollars on energy bills by ensuring that the temperature inside the property is pleasant and comfortable. A duct system [...]