HVAC System Maintenance: 6 Tips for Heating Season

Tips and Tricks for Better Maintaining Your HVAC System During the Winter Months Even just a little bit of preventative maintenance can not only help extend the life of your HVAC system, but it can also help you to cut down big time (sometimes by as much as 30% or more) on energy costs during [...]

Top 5 Causes of a Failing Air Conditioning System

Things break down. If it isn’t the air conditioning system, maybe it’s the car, the computer or the dishwasher. The good news is most breakdowns are pretty minor. In other words, it can either be fixed with a quick adjustment or done at low cost without the need for expensive parts and installation costs. Most [...]

Tips for Reducing Your Heating Bills This Winter

Unfortunately, it seems as though the last days of summer are gradually waning away, and we are well on our way to the chill of winter once again. With warm weather seemingly so far off into the distance, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to keep yourself warm and cozy at home during the [...]

Keeping yourself Cool during the Summer Months

It may be drawing to an end but summer is still well and truly with us. Whether you are taking your kids out for the last few times before the school starts again or if you are going away there a number of simple ways to keep yourself cool and calm during this time. In [...]

Do You Have Problems with a Loud Air Conditioner?

Are you sitting in your cool refreshing house but are overwhelmed by the sound of your air conditioning unit? First off, you should not just ignore these noises; you need to have them checked out but depending on the type of unit there may be a host of reasons for the loud noises. You will [...]

Replacing your AC Unit before Summer Hits

Having to live through the summer with a broken AC unit is as bad as it can get. The heat will eventually take a toll on you and there’s only so much you can do with a defunct air conditioning unit. What you really need is to find a way to make sure that your [...]