Because commercial needs are different then residential needs, Temperature Control Corp Heating And Air Conditoning prides itself in a staff that is well trained in commercial solutions and can address and resolve all your commercial concerns. From 1 ton systems to 1,000 ton systems, we are the company you can trust to service, repair and handle your commercial installation needs.
Our line of expertise covers, chillers, vav, systems, hydronic systems, pneumatic controls, ddc controls, economizers, cooling tower water treatment, certified air balancing, engineering, server room cooling, critical clean rooms to class 100, and more! Our commercial client base covers Southern California, Northern California and Nevada. We provide 24 hour emergency response.

Make your Workplace the best with Temperature Control’s
Comprehensive Commercial Solutions

Most working professionals spend almost as much time at work as they do at home. That’s why as an employer it is imperative to make the office as comfortable and conducive to a productive working environment as possible. The temperature and humidity of the immediate environment is critical for employee satisfaction and that’s where Temperature Control, your leading Los Angeles Heating and Air Conditioning Company comes in. Our commercial solutions are well equipped to handle all sizes of spaces from commercial offices to residential properties, all the while ensuring that you enjoy the best possible service for your buck.

Commercial Solutions for a Dynamic Office Space

Offices have a range of cooling and heating requirements. The main work area needs to be comfortable for employees depending on the season. The server room needs to be kept cool to mitigate the heat generated from the machines. Certain businesses have specific requirements for storing their goods in warehouses. Effective temperature and humidity control can be the difference between profits and massive losses. That’s why you need a strong central heating and central air conditioning system at all times. Temperature Control has been providing commercial solutions for a number of years to a number of corporate entities in the area. We have the expertise, knowhow and skills to assess what you need and deliver it when you need it.

Our Range of Commercial Solutions

From the word go, we provide a range of commercial solutions designed to optimally suit the needs of your business. Some of these are listed below:

  • –     We conduct a thorough assessment of the space and help you with your zoning systems for air conditioning and heating if applicable.
  • –     We perform load calculations to arrive at the consumption required in key locations like computer rooms and warehouses.
  • –     Our services include determining the energy consumption that is being utilized at present and the potential savings applicable.
  • –     If you are working with a new building we can help right at the design stage so that your heating and cooling needs are considered in advance.
  • –     Thorough and complete installation of the equipment by trained and qualified personnel all of whom have substantial expertise in the field.
  • –     Regular and efficient follow up and monitoring of the existing system. Troubleshooting and resolution of any issues as and when they arise.

Our Constant Commitment to Quality

As a reliable and reputed Los Angeles HVAC contractor we have a constant commitment to quality while serving our customers and servicing their needs. All our equipment is of the very best quality and we do not work with manufacturers unless they comply with our superlative standards. We offer 24-hour emergency support as and when the need arises. Our technicians are available round the clock to ensure that the equipment is functioning smoothly and we also undertake periodic servicing to prevent any potential issues.

Call us today for a free estimate. We are eager to share our ideas.