Culver City CA Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Whether the solution to you indoor air quality problems require having duct work replaced or repaired, having humidifiers or air purifiers installed, or require some other solution, we are able to provide professional service, maintenance and repair for home and commercial HVAC systems. Call us now for an estimate.

Culver City Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Culver City heating and air conditioning Temperature Control Corp also specializes in air conditioning repair for all kinds of brands and types of air conditioners that may be causing indoor air pollution. Whether you have individual room air conditioners for your business or sets, or you need central air conditioner repair in your home or apartment building, or certified technicians are available all the to come out and take a look at your problems and repair them and even install air conditioners if necessary.

Culver City Heating Service and Repair

Often your furnace or heating system can be the source of indoor air quality control issues.  Temperature Control Corp has specialized services in heater repair if your heater is causing any of your indoor air quality problems. We can assess whether you indoor air quality problems are being caused by your heating system, and if they are, we can provide expert heating repair or install and replace, and then maintain a new heating system in Culver City, CA.  Call us now.

Culver City Indoor Air Quality Services from Temperature Control Corp

Call Temperature Control Corp for quality home and commercial HVAC services in Culver City, CA. We give free estimates to determine the appropriate indoor air quality for businesses or homes.  We are a full-serve air conditioning and heating company that has been serving the area for more than twenty-five years. We also handle all installation and maintenance needs for home and commercial HVAC.  Call us to come and take a look at your air quality systems today!

Culver City Indoor Air Quality Services

The sources of indoor air quality problems come from many sources, natural or unnatural.  In today’s energy efficient homes and commercial spaces that are sealed tight to prevent the escape of hot or cold air, and therefore the money that is spent to heat or cool that air, it has become easier for irritants and harmful substances to get trapped inside your home or workplace.  These irritants can harm people who are exposed to them over time by causing illnesses down the road or they can harm people immediately who have allergies or sensitivities to these products.

  • Combustion Sources – gas, oil, coal, kerosene, and tobacco
  • Building Materials – wet carpet, pressed wood products such as furniture or cabinets, and old insulation that includes asbestos
  • Household Products – personal care products, cleaning products that include harsh chemicals, and products used in hobbies that include solvents and harsh chemicals.
  • Heating, Cooling, and Humidification Devices – when not working properly they can release fumes from the substances they use to heat and cool, and they can also bring in outside sources
  • Outdoor Sources – air pollution, pesticide, and radon