Furnaces are sometimes in need of repair. They always require regular and scheduled maintenance. If you don’t know the signs of typical furnace problems, such as short-cycling, you may not know when to call for help. Today, we’d like to keep you informed by sharing the sign of a furnace which is short-cycling.

This is one of the most common furnace issues. When you recognize the signs, you’ll be able to take action and get things fixed. It’s always best to access professional repairs sooner, rather than later. If you wait, you may need to pay more for the repairs that you need.

What is Short-cycling, Anyway?

When home temperatures fluctuate, thermostats which operate A/C systems and furnaces restore optimal temperatures. This process is referred to as a “furnace cycle”. If a furnace goes off and on for brief amounts of time, short-cycling occurs. This type of cycling will negatively impact the energy efficiency of the furnace. It may also be a signal that there is a significant issue with an HVAC setup.

What To Look For

One sign to watch for is a thermostat problem. If a thermostat isn’t measuring heat levels correctly, or isn’t connected to a furnace as it should be, it may begin to turn off the furnace at the wrong times. Repair techs are able to check and see if thermostats are triggering short-cycling.

Another common problem is air filters which become clogged. These cause furnaces to heat up too much and then shut down. The shut-down happens in order to boost safety. Check your air filters and make sure that they are free of clogs. Also, look and see if the air filters which you have in place are the right types of air filters for your HVAC system.

Sometimes, the problem is more serious. For example, the furnace may not be the correct size for the amount of square footage that it’s supposed to heat. If a furnace is too large, it may elevate temperatures quickly and this may cause thermostats to shut off before the entire heating cycle finishes.

These are the three main signs of a furnace which is short-cycling. You will probably need to hire an expert technicians to deal with signs one and three. You should be able to clean or replace the air filters on your own.

Call a Repair Technician Today

Short-cycling of a furnace is a bad thing. However, it’s often simple to rectify. If you need help, please call our skilled repair technicians today at Temperature Control Corp.