Are you sitting in your cool refreshing house but are overwhelmed by the sound of your air conditioning unit? First off, you should not just ignore these noises; you need to have them checked out but depending on the type of unit there may be a host of reasons for the loud noises. You will need to call for a qualified AC company to have a look at your unit to see if they can fix it but in some cases when noise does start appearing it can mean that your unit could be beyond repair.

During these hot summer months you will be keeping your air conditioning unit on for large periods of the day which can cause it to run at is maximum. If you do begin to hear any noises coming from your unit you need to contact a air conditioning repair company immediately – it will save you money as well as having a cool home.

In the mean time you may want to understand what the different types of noises mean in relation to the problem your air conditioning unit may have. Here are just a few of the sounds which may be heard and an explanation to go along with them.

·        You may hear a buzzing like sound similar to that of a fly or bee which is usually caused due to an electrical fault. There may be many possible causes of electrical fault including wiring problems or an overloaded circuit. In whatever case you will need to call an AC repairman urgently for your own safety.

·        Another noise you may commonly hear is a hissing sound quite like a snake which on most occasions means that there is a leak of some sort in your unit. If this is the case the most probable places to check for leaks is in the units’ ductwork or refrigerant coils. The refrigerant coils have refrigerant passed through them in order for the unit to function and gradually over time they may become worn and damaged causing leaks to appear. The same can also be said for the ducts which can leak too.

·        Shrieking can also be a common problem in air conditioning units. This is caused by a worn out and used fan belt/blades. Over time these parts will become overused and this will mean they will begin to give out a shrieking/squealing sound.

As you can see there are different types of noises an air conditioning unit can make and some may be more serious than others. But in all cases if your unit is making a considerable amount of noise it is best to contact your local repairman immediately to correct the issue. It will save you not only time and money but it will keep your family safe and your house cool. It is essential you regularly check your air conditioning unit during the summer months when it is being used the most as you won’t want any unexpected breakage. Just by simply standing by the unit for a few moments to decipher if it is making any unusual sounds could be the difference between a working and broken unit.