The advent of state-of-the-art air conditioning has begun to introduce various benefits to the modern-day world, the most noticeable of all concerning the state of human comfort. With the summer sun and days of head-dizzying heat just around the corner, the desire for good quality air conditioning in homes everywhere is becoming more prominent. As much as we all love summer, with bright days and the chance to spend more time simply enjoying our time outside, the season can spell signs of sweat and inconvenience at work and home without the proper equipment to keep us feeling our best. These days, many industrial buildings and offices have air conditioning facilities installed as standard to provide a comfortable working environment for their employees. An office or home air conditioning system should be able to provide full control when it comes to managing temperature, humidity, and air distribution.


Air Conditioning in The United States and Energy Efficiency

Over 14% of the energy that is produced in the United States comes from air conditioned buildings, and 10% of the energy produced conditions homes. The total cost that this provides to consumers totals over an astonishing fifteen billion dollars each year, an amount which the American Council for energy efficiency within the economy account to one hundred and forty million tons of CO2. Typically, when someone refers to energy efficiency, they are talking about reducing the amount of energy used by specific devices and systems throughout an area, such as air conditioners, without negatively affecting the quality of services that are provided. After all, even if you want to save money and do your bit for the environment, for many people, air conditioning is a necessity in daily life, and an accessory we simply cannot do without. Luckily, energy efficiency can be achieved in a variety of ways, one of which concerns Santa Monica air conditioning maintenance.


Understanding the Importance of Maintenance

To ensure your comfort during summer, you must ensure that your air conditioning system is running smoothly and effectively. The longer that your system is capable of running for, the less money you will have to pay out on repairs, this means caring for your coils, filters and aluminum fins on a regular basis in order to preserve effective and efficient service. When you neglect the necessary maintenance your system needs, you will often find that the performance begins to decline, while the amount of energy you are actually using increases, resulting in less comfort for more cost.


One of the most important tasks you can complete when looking after your air conditioning system is to clean or replace the filters whenever it is necessary. Clogged or damaged filters block the regular airflow within your air conditioning unit, reducing its efficiency, and when this airflow is restricted, the air that does manage to bypass the filter can carry dust to the evaporator coil, causing it to work improperly in the future. Often, simply replacing your dirty, clogged, or broken filter could reduce your energy consumption by anything up to fifteen percent.

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