Sometimes regardless of preventative measures, furnaces and air conditioners require extra attention and often result in equipment repair. In such circumstances, Temperature Control Corp Heating And Air Conditioning will send out a HVAC technician whom is factory certified, with many years experience and training to properly diagnose and recommend the necessary steps towards a efficient working system.

We are so confident in our technicians and their diagnosis that we guarantee all our recommended repairs with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Our reputation for direct and exact diagnosis is praised and trusted by many HVAC manufactures. In other words, we are the HVAC company they trust enough to call upon for their most difficult of repair problems.

Manage Setbacks with Reliable Equipment Repair Service

When your heating or cooling system fails, the first thing you need is a trained and qualified equipment repair professional to come by your home. During summer when the temperature soars, an ill-performing air conditioner can wreak havoc on your family’s comfort level. The same is true when the weather gets cooler and you need your heater to perform. Unfortunately at times like these we often resort to desperate measures which include working with inexperienced and under qualified staff. The end result – a partially resolved issue and a mountain of energy bills. When you work with Temperature Control, you skip all these worries. Our equipment repair service is among the best compared to any other Los Angeles HVAC  company. We are eager to help you during your time of need and here’s why you should choose us.

Do-it-Yourself Equipment Repair

When you call us for cooling or heating repair, our first attempt is to see if the issue is a minor one, that you can resolve yourself. We may ask you to perform a few diagnostic checks so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible. Some of these checks including reviewing the thermostat and checking the setting. It could also be evaluating whether a fuse has blown or the breaker has flipped off. Once we take you through this basic checklist, we will then assess whether a technician is required to visit your home. In cases where the your set up is just too weak or alarming noises are coming from it, we will immediately send a professional specializing in equipment repair.

The Dangers of Inadequate Equipment Repair

One of the largest components of your household budget will probably be your cooling or heating system and its impact on your energy bills. That’s why it is imperative that you use the very best professionals for when your system is not performing as it should. Failing to get the right team could result in the system being partially fixed which usually leads to heavy energy consumption and ultimately a breakdown of the entire equipment. Temperature Control has a team of specialists who are all experts at diagnosing central heating or air conditioning issues and resolving them in a comprehensive and speedy manner.

Why we are the very best

We are the best Los Angeles HVAC contractors because we employ and train the very best staff. All our technicians are factory certified with years of experience backing them up. We also guarantee all repairs for a period of 1 year after service, that’s how confident we are in our level of service. What really clinches the deal is that our people are so well respected within the industry that the manufacturers themselves call us when they are facing an extremely complex issue.

It is always ideal to undertake some sort of preventative maintenance program rather than to wait for problems to occur and then deal with them. However if you are in the position where you need help right away, call us and we’ll be happy to help.