Hot summers call for air conditioning round the clock. It’s comfortable this way, but the smile fades away when you see the electricity bill going well beyond your expectations. Is it possible to lower the expenses without making any sacrifices? Los Angeles air conditioning company Temperature Control Corp is here to help.

You don’t have to lower your living standards or take out even more money to install green energy solutions. It only takes some small adjustments and you will notice you won’t be switching the AC on with the same frequency as before. The following steps to take are not always obvious, but they make a noticeable difference when your home needs cooling down in summer.

Step 1: Improve Home Airflow

Don’t just rely on the air conditioning system to make a difference. When you ensure that there’s a good airflow throughout the entire house, you also help each room have the same enjoyable temperature. There will be no fluctuations. Keep in mind that warm or hot air always rises. Take a look at any obstacles that may be around. Also, look downwards to check if there are any places through which the cold (and heavier) air escapes. You don’t want that cool air to escape.

Step 2: Use Fans

Standing fans don’t modify air temperatures, but they can boost the effects of your AC. As described above, hot air rises and cold air descends. The air movements generated by fans will even out the temperature. Besides, running an electrical fan is a lot cheaper than the AC.

Is there a ceiling fan with inclined wings? Those shapes have a purpose. When spun clockwise, the fan traps heat I side the room, which is great for winter. In summer, however, you should change its setting and make it spin counter-clockwise, thus pushing the hot air towards the ceiling and out.

Step 3: Keep Vents Clean and Open

Proper air conditioning functioning largely depends on the vents. People rarely have a look at these and vents can simply be closed without them knowing it. Make sure these are all open and you will quickly sense the difference. The AC won’t be struggling to cool down your home. Also, you’ll let it rest once the desires temperature was reached. Do not fall into the trap of believing that closed vents will help the place stay cool for longer because the cold air is trapped inside. Direct sunlight or heat coming through the walls will quickly warm it up.

Step 4: Ideally, Replace Filters Monthly

Vents have filters which trap dust and other debris. As this accumulates, it clogs the vent and disrupts proper airflow. Go to a hardware store to buy filter packs and replace used ones every month. If you have permanent filters, then rinse them on a monthly basis.

Considering that AC can make up as much as 70% of your bill, it’s worth paying attention to the suggestions we presented. These aspects hold much more importance than people initially believe them to.

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