The summer is here and the energy bills are going to shoot up rapidly, but if you have an inefficient air conditioner, the energy bills just might shoot up beyond affordability. This is because with time and due to overuse, the energy efficiency of the air-conditioner continues to degrade, causing the compressor of the air conditioner to work harder, in turn using up more energy than when it needed when new. During summer, the air conditioners are used heavily to maintain a pleasant environment, whether it is home or office. Regular maintenance and servicing can reduce serious problems surface with your air-conditioner. The age of the AC and its repairing history also makes a lot of difference in its energy consumptions and the concerned solutions. Here are the few tips to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner during the summer –

1.    If your AC is more than 10 years old, the best solution to save energy is to replace the old air conditioner as the older AC would use double the amount of energy than the new ones.

2.    During summers, setting the thermostat to the most comfortable setting can be really beneficial in saving considerable amount of energy.

3.    The HVAC filters should be used frequently, or at least once in a month. As it can stop the air circulation and make the compressors work harder, causing the extra use of energy.

4.    The coils of the exterior AC unit should be cleaned frequently as well.

5.    Humidity lowers the energy efficiency of the AC, so even if the weather is cool for a day or two during winters, keeping the windows closed is recommended.

6.    Get the HVAC unit checked by a certified electrician in Los Angeles quarterly or half-yearly.

7.    Using fans to circulate air causes the AC to work less, in turn, increasing its efficiency. So, use ceiling or oscillating fans if possible in conjunction with the HVAC.

8.    Sealing any cracks and adding a sufficient amount of attic insulation can cause the cool air to stay within a room for longer, in turn, ensuring that the AC doesn’t have to work harder.

9.    If you are having central AC system, closing vents in unused rooms can hamper the efficiency of the cooling system.

10.    The area around the condenser should be cleaned, ensuring that debris and high grass do not block its way, as it can make the condenser work harder and for longer time.

11.    Outside unit of your air-conditioner should be shaded if possible, as it keeps the unit clean and ensures condenser remains efficient for longer.

12.    If the room or the area is pleasantly cool, it is a good idea to increase the temperature a bit. Each and every degree increased can save energy by at least nine percent, which can make a huge difference in the monthly energy bills.

13.    Keep the temperature settings at 78 Fahrenheit during summers and 68 Fahrenheit during winters for the most efficient cooling and energy savings.

14.    Ensure that the registers are not blocked, which includes that no furniture or drapes are kept near or around it.

15.    Using a dehumidifier can take a certain portion of load away from the HVAC, helping in energy savings.

These are the certain steps you can take to ensure that your HVAC unit runs efficiently during summers without using too much energy, which can cause the energy bills to cost you a fortune. Getting your air conditioner unit checked by the registered and certified professional technician is also a good idea, as if there are certain hidden problems with your unit, only the professionals would be able to recognize and solve it efficiently.

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