According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be hundreds of times more harmful and unhealthy for you than outdoor air. That’s why at Temperature Control Corp Heating And Air Conditioning we offer many products such as air filtration systems, ultra violet lights, and many other products that will keep your indoor environment not just more comfortable but also much more clean and healthy.

          Protect your Family with Temperature Control’s Indoor
                                          Air Quality Products

You may think that the air in your home is cleaner than the air outside but a shocking report from the Environmental Protection Agency recently revealed that indoor air can be as much as 10 times more impure and polluted than as compared to outdoor air. This essentially means that your child could catch the flu just by sitting in your family room. Once he contracts it, it could actually be safer exposing him or her to a hospital or school full of germs and bacteria then keeping him home. Now that’s hardly an issue you want to be faced it. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions to help improve your indoor air quality and with Temperature Control Corp, one of the leading air conditioning companies in Los Angeles, you can rest assured knowing that your home air is safe from pollutants.

How Indoor Air Quality Became a Concern

About 40 years ago, the primary need of the hour was energy saving. Homes were being built to keep the cool and warm hair inside and insulation was the order of the day. Unfortunately this resulted in the germs remaining indoors as well. Our homes were so well insulated that moisture was retained within resulting in the growth of mold, bacteria and other viruses. As people began falling sick, the issue started gaining importance and by the 90’s it was a national concern. As central air conditioning got popular and homes continued to be energy efficient, the problem persisted and over longer periods of time, this affected family health.

Is Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Substandard?

It is not uncommon to assume that this is a problem for other people and not something you need to worry about. Think again. If your answer to any of the following questions is yes, you just might have an indoor air quality problem.

  • –     Are you or your family members constantly suffering from allergies or persistent respiratory disorders?
  • –     Do you suffer from migraines and fatigue?
  • –     Do you find your home surprisingly humid during summer and dry during the winter months?
  • –     Does there seem to be an unending supply of dust on your tabletops no matter how frequently you clean?

Solutions to Improve your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

As one of the leading Los Angeles Air Conditioning companies, we at Temperature Control offer a variety of solutions to help improve and maintain your home’s indoor air quality.

  • –     Humidifiers are designed to add moisture to dry air. It passes warm air through a special pad, which in turn distributes moisture into the air. This creates a more comfortable environment especially during dry winter months.
  • –     Air filters is another approach to remove pollutants, bacteria and air borne viruses from your home. While originally these were used to prevent particles from affecting your equipment, there are enhanced versions to prevent even more particles from entering your home.
  • –     Ultraviolet lights can also be used to improve your indoor air quality. It works on destroying the harmful organisms in the air keeping you safe and healthy.

When you choose a Los Angeles HAVC contractor, you need someone who can service all your needs. With Temperature Control, you get the entire package. Call us today for a free estimate.