Some neighborhoods are safer than others. You may not have witnessed or heard of any crime in your area in recent times. You may be aware of theft and other petty crimes that can have a serious consequence for those at loss. Any valuable fixture installed outside is vulnerable to theft. The outdoor unit of your air conditioner is not immune to this threat. You may be confident of how safe your neighborhood is but it is better to be proactive and preventive than to repent later. A complete loss of the outdoor unit can be costly and you would basically need to buy another air conditioner. Partial loss will still inflict enough damage to set you back by a few hundred dollars if not more. Repairing damaged parts and replacing lost components are costly propositions.


  • The first thing you should consider to protect your air conditioner from potential theft is to install a cage. There are different types of cages available these days. Some will cover the entire outdoor unit. Some will protect the condenser. You should prefer a reliably sturdy and unbreakable cage. While a cage will be breakable if there is sufficient force and appropriate technique, the time it takes for thieves to get through the material will make the whole gig risky and futile. Many thieves are only looking at a few bucks worth of scrap metal while stealing an outdoor unit. Not all thieves manage to extract the entire condenser in working condition.


  • Always make sure the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is installed in an open space and that you can see it or your neighbors can easily spot if someone is trying to mess with it. If your air conditioner is concealed behind bushes or there is some furniture among other installations limiting a line of sight then thieves would be encouraged to make use of the available cover. The same reality applies to dark places around your home. If you do not have enough lighting outside then thieves will be motivated to move in and whisk away the prized outdoor unit of your air conditioner. You can use motion sensor lights if you want. They are energy efficient and rather spooky for thieves who are not aware of the proactive measure.


  • You may also hook your air conditioner with the home security system. There may be an alarm, the police could be notified or both can be attained with state of the art systems. These are pragmatic and effective ways to protect your air conditioner from theft.

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