There’s nothing quite as cool or as refreshing as springtime air, or as enjoyable as throwing open your doors and windows and letting your house air out after a way to long winter.

And while the spring is usually filled with temperatures that jump all over the place – nice and warm one day and freezing cold the next – this is the PERFECT time to get out ahead of your air conditioner maintenance for the upcoming summer when things will be quite a bit toastier.

Far too many people put the maintenance of their air-conditioner off until they actually need it, discovering – usually in the middle of a heat wave with 90° plus temperatures – that their air-conditioner isn’t quite up to snuff.

An annual air-conditioning tuneup, however, cannot only help you keep your house cool when the mercury starts to rise but can also help extend the lifetime and the utility of your air conditioner while cutting down on your energy bills as well.

Schedule a professional AC servicing

If you’re air-conditioner has been serviced by AC experts before, now is the perfect time to schedule this kind of maintenance. AC experts are going to be incredibly busy also long and may not be able to get out to you before the hot and humid weather strikes, so get your servicing done in the spring and you’ll have a lot less to worry about.

Highlighting the big benefits of spring AC maintenance

Dramatically improved energy efficiency – When you have your AC unit serviced by experts, they’ll be able to clean out every aspect of the unit but also work to refill any of the cooling agents, repair any motors and electrical components, and guarantee that your system is working just as efficiently as possible.

You’ll avoid emergency calls that can get expensive – The overwhelming majority of incredibly expensive breakdowns can be avoided altogether with just a bit of scheduled maintenance, getting ahead of catastrophic problems before they become catastrophic problems. This annual tuneup will help you stay ahead of the game and guarantee that your air conditioner isn’t down in the dead of summer.

Prolong the life cycle of your AC unit – Go too long without maintaining your AC unit, giving it an in-depth cleaning and jumping ahead of major repairs before they become problems will come the lifespan of your AC unit in half (or worse). Schedule this kind of maintenance and you can dramatically prolong the life cycle of your unit from here on out.

Plan the succession of your AC system – Even the most well-maintained AC units are going to have to be replaced from time to time. With regular maintenance scheduled, you’ll know exactly where your AC unit sits in its lifecycle and when you have to schedule upgrading or replacing it in the future.

Trust the experts to handle the heavy lifting

The overwhelming majority of “regular” maintenance – cleaning out your air filters and the like – can be handled by anyone, but annual maintenance, repairs, and upgrades should only be tackled by legitimate HVAC professionals.

Annual tuneups like this won’t break the bank for sure but will have you living in the lap of cooled comfort throughout the summer within AC system working just as smoothly as it can.

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