Modern technology finally provides us with the opportunity to quite literally kill off germs and bacteria in the home through the use of strategically placed germicidal light technology.

If you want to dramatically improve the overall quality of the air that you breathe in your home, boosting your overall health while at the same time helping you breathe easier and have more energy while fighting off illness at every corner, you need to seriously consider taking advantage of the UV germicidal light solutions that we are able to provide here at Temperature Control Corp.

In conjunction with a proper air filtration system installed directly into your HVAC technology, the right UV germicidal lights will completely transform your indoor air quality faster than you ever would have thought possible. These technological solutions kill bad bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and yeast upon contact – generally boosting the purity of your air right to the roof!

Better than that though, is the fact that they are easy to add to your home ventilation and filtration system, especially when you work with the kinds of professionals like the ones at Temperature Control Corp.

Installation of UV germicidal light solutions in Los Angeles

The overwhelming majority of us spend a tremendous amount of time indoors (almost upwards of 90% of our day, every day), and yet the overall quality of the air that we breathe indoors is considered to be pretty awful – especially by EPA standards.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution alone is one of the top five environmental threats that we face every single day, and a serious contributing factor to many of the health issues that we fight through regularly.

With the installation of UV germicidal lights (in conjunction with other air purification systems), we are able to dramatically reduce the amount of polluting factors in the home while at the same time boost the overall quality of the air that we breathe. You’ll breathe easier almost right away!

The maintenance and repair of UV germicidal light solutions in Los Angeles

If there are UV germicidal lights already installed in your home, they need to be properly maintained on a regular and routine basis or they aren’t going to provide the kind of benefits that you’re looking for as well as they should be. We here at Temperature Control Corp are going to be able to help you with that routine maintenance by providing you with complete the packages that give you a “hands-free” option to keep your system running into the top condition.

Take the holistic approach to air purification in your home

Not only are we going to be able to provide you with the best use the germicidal lights available and all of the routine maintenance and repair solutions that you need along the way, but we here at Temperature Control Corp are also going to be able to help you. Five the air in your home through a more holistic approach as well.

We are talking about:

  • Locating the source of the “trouble”
  • Properly ventilating your home to resolve moisture issues
  • Bring in dehumidifiers and humidifiers, depending upon the specific needs of your home
  • Purify the air through the introduction of purification and filtration systems

… And that’s just the beginning!

Contact us today for UV germicidal light services in Los Angeles

Those looking to take advantage of UV germicidal lights in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley are encouraged to contact our Temperature Control Corp offices at their earliest convenience to get the ball rolling.

We’ll send out one of our in-home estimators and consultants to help you better understand the solutions that we are able to provide, and we will give you an estimate for the project so that you can get moving on this just as quickly as you’d like.