Malibu CA Best Heating and Air Conditioning Company Temperature Control Corp

If you need fast, reliable service for your air conditioning or heating systems, call us today.  We can handle any situation, and our technicians have only one goal – to make you happy.  We offer full maintenance and repair of existing systems, and we carry the most energy efficient and cost effective systems available for new installations.

Malibu Air Conditioning

It gets hot in Malibu, so call us to make sure your system is working properly.  We provide full service in the Malibu area, including:

  • Full maintenance and inspection
  • Routine and emergency air conditioner repair
  • The top makes and models for new installation

Malibu Air Conditioning Service

Our technicians are fully trained and certified to provide you with the best air conditioning services possible.  We are always fat, reliable, and friendly, and we work with you to find the best solutions for your current system.  If you need a new system, we will help you find the best system for your needs.

Malibu Air Conditioning Repair

If your house it too hot, call Temperature Control Corp today.  We provide emergency air conditioner repair for all makes and models of air conditioning systems, and our techs will arrive as quickly as possible to get your system working properly.  We can help you find any issues with your system, can help ensure they do not turn into bigger problems later.

Malibu Heating

If you are having issues with your heating system, want to make sure there are no issues, or just want to make sure your system works when you need it, call us today for fast, reliable service.

Malibu Heating Service

Heating systems require proper care and maintenance to keep you and your family safe.  We can help you with all of your heating system needs, including:

  • Full maintenance and inspections
  • Repairs for all makes and models
  • New energy efficient installations that will save you money

Malibu Heating Repair

A faulty heating system is frustrating, and can be dangerous.  If you need heater repair in Malibu, give us a call now.  Our technicians are available to help you with all of your heating system repairs, and we are fully trained on all makes and models.  Ignoring heating issues or concerns can lead to big problems later, so don’t put your home or family in danger by ignoring them.  We will find the problem, and figure out the best options for your system.

Malibu Indoor Air Quality Services

The air in your home can contain as much as 10 times the contaminants as the outdoor air.  Our full air quality services can make sure your home is dust and allergen free.  We offer full air quality services, including

  • Full duct cleaning
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Whole House Filters

Malibu HVAC Services

We also provide full commercial HVAC services in the Malibu area.  Our technicians are fully qualified, and have the experience you need to keep your systems working.