At Temperature Control Corp Heating And Air Conditoning we don’t try and just sell you a heating and air conditioning system, we provide you with a complete comfort system. We have invested thousands of dollars into the latest software and technical systems to provide you with the most accurate and efficient HVAC system that will surpass your comfort needs. From blue prints to energy load calculations, from one system to hundreds, Temperature Control Corp Heating And Air Coniditioning is equipped to meet all your new installation needs for central air conditioning, central heating, furnace , duct systems, etc…

Enjoy Risk Free Estimates on New Installations & Replacements

Energy consumption is a major component of any household budget. Central air conditioning and central heating are the greatest contributors to energy consumption. This is why it is imperative that you make the right choice of heating or cooling equipment and further it is installed appropriately. Temperature Control Corp is the leading Los Angeles HAVC contractor around and with our team of HVAC experts, you can be certain that you not only make the best purchases for your home, but also that it will run smoothly and efficiently for its entire working life.

Helping You Purchase a New Heating or Cooling System

The first step is making the decision to purchase a new system. You could be moving into a new home or your existing system needs to be replaced. Whatever your circumstances, we at Temperature Control Corp are available to help. Our team of experts will assist you with the buying process after which our new installations team will ensure that it is set up perfectly.

Assessing the Performance of your Existing System

We believe in protecting your investment so before we even begin our advisory services, an NCI certified HVAC contractor from our offices will visit your home to evaluate the existing system and in particular as certain how it is performing against its specifications. Based on certain benchmarks, suitable action will be recommended and whether its new installations or just repair and maintenance we will help you go forward.

Analyzing Your Needs

If the best decision for you is to replace your existing unit, our experts will proceed to study your entire home. For new installations to work smoothly, the ductwork ventilation, the furnace, the existing infrastructure and the entire design of your home are relevant. Once the entire set up is fully understood, our team of consultants will make a recommendation on the solution best suited for you.

Helping you Save while you Spend

New installations can be expensive today but if you do it right, with the right equipment, your savings can be so substantial that you recover your money just from lower monthly energy bills. What’s more by investing in a quality set up, you immediately up the value of your property exponentially.

Of course dishing out so much at a single time can be a burden on even the most frugal of households. That’s why there are a variety of financing plans available to help you move forward without delay.

Our Superior New Installations

Once you have frozen on your chosen system, our team of experts will be at your doorstep to install it. At Temperature Control Corp, we take every effort to make it as hassle free as possible for you, our customer. Our heating and air conditioning team will arrive early and ensure that all furniture and other important assets are protected so that there is zero damage to your home once we’re through. We clean up before and after ourselves, leaving you with just a cool and efficient home to live in, once we’re done
We are the ideal air conditioning company to work with so call us today for a free estimate. We are eager to begin a fruitful and long lasting association.