Playa Del Rey Air Conditioning and Heating by Temperature Control Corp

All homes are better off with proper air conditioning and heating. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll always be working. Hot days are made unbearable when an A/C unit goes down, just like the chill of a cold Playa Del Rey night seems that much colder when you know your heating system isn’t working. But no matter what the problem, calling Temperature Control Corp is up to the task of providing the answer. Just some of the HVAC services we provide are:

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Heating Repair
  • Heating Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality Installation

Playa Del Rey CA Heating Repair

Don’t suffer through another cold day without addressing the shortcomings of your heating’s system. We’d love to hear from you and use our expertise to give you a better idea of what’s wrong. Part of our consultation will involve a quote, so you’ll know exactly how much repairs will cost before signing anything.

Playa Del Rey Air Conditioning Service

While everyone loves the sun, its heat can be too much at times without the proper system in place to combat it. Temperature Control Corp doesn’t want you to suffer needlessly. We’re always happy to listen to a customer’s issues before providing our own diagnosis. Of course, we’ll come to your home and examine the machine for ourselves before giving our final recommendation. Often times, we can find suggest the affordable solution to handling your unit’s problems.

Playa Del Ray Air Conditioning and Heating Installation

Are you currently relying on a ceiling fan to keep you cool during the hot Playa Del Ray afternoons? When the temperature drops, do you simply throw on another layer and hope for the best?

Thanks to Temperature Control Corp, Playa Del Ray residents can hope for so much more when it comes to being comfortable in their own homes. We don’t just offer top-of-the-line air conditioning repair, we can install it for you in the first place. And while we’re happy to be your contact for any heating repair you might need, you can also use our company for installation in the first place. After all, finding the right unit is tantamount to avoiding unnecessary repairs and maintenance in the future.

Playa Del Rey Indoor Air Quality Services

Besides being the best heating and air conditioning company in Playa Del Rey, Temperature Control Corp also knows how to make your air better quality. The temperature of your home’s air is only part of being comfortable. You also want to make sure the air you’re breathing isn’t containing allergens or other molecules that will disturb you. As with heating and air conditioner repair, our company also offers installation and maintenance services for air quality services as well.
Whether you need air quality, cooling or heating service, Temperature Control Corp is the company to call. Our combination of experience and expertise is simply unbeatable. It doesn’t matter if you need installation, repair, maintenance or just have a simple question, our company is ready and willing to help