It is the middle of summer at the moment and the days just keep getting hotter and hotter. The last thing you want to deal with at this time is a broken down air conditioning unit. The sight of a HVAC contractor fixing your unit at a price which has too many zero’s is not one which should be experienced! That being said every year there is a large amount of meltdowns caused by freezing of the pipes or tubes in the air conditioning unit.

Why does it freeze?

Although there are numerous reasons for air conditioning units to freeze and only a qualified repairman will be able to assess the reason why your one failed, there are some core reasons behind a freeze breakdown.

Firstly there may be an airflow problem with your unit. If your airflow drops below the required level the evaporative coils in the system can become dirty causing a decrease in the temperature below freezing and thus causing a freezing of the whole unit. A humidity difference causes a complete freeze around the coil which then spreads through the unit. The most common reason for reduced airflow is inadequate maintenance of the airflow filter. Ideally you should change your filter every three months to avoid the situation of reduced airflow.

The second reason is much more technical than the first and has to do with the refrigerant charge. To check your charge is running at the required level you will need to call a suitably trained heating and air conditioning professional who will look for any leaks or breaks. Leaks are the most common problem in this area which can then freeze over and damage the unit. They will also maintain the coolant level and generally ensure the air conditioning unit is working well.

Finally the most obvious reason for freezing yet the most overlooked is running your unit on a cool day. The temperature in which you run your AC unit directly impacts its performance and can cause serious problems leading to breakdown. It is advised you do not use your AC unit if the outside temperature is lower than 60ºF.

How to stop your AC unit from freezing:

As mentioned above which explains the reasons behind freezing the solutions to prevent freezing are very simple. It is advised you carry out these steps as required to ensure your AC unit is fully functional all year round, and for future reference you should carry out all of these checks prior to the beginning of summer as if there is any problems they can be fixed and preventative measures taken to ensure there isn’t a breakdown during summer.

·        To prevent a decrease in airflow, simply clean and replace your airflow filter every three months or so.

·        To maintain refrigerant charge hire a qualified person to service, inspect and fix your entire AC unit.

·        Do not use your AC unit on cool days. This will ensure optimal performance and decrease the chances of breakdown.

As you can see prevention of freezing is vitally important for your AC unit to be fully functional during the summer months. You need to ensure you always check and maintain your unit on a regular basis to prevent breakdowns when you least need it. As long as you follow our advice and preventative measures you’ll be enjoying the cool air on your skin for many a summer.

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