Most people purchase UV purifiers in order to rid their homes of mold, germs and other pollutants. However, there is a secondary benefit to running one of these handy and practical purifiers in your home and this is the fact that doing so will help you to protect your air conditioning system and/or heat pump.

Since A/C systems are significant investments, protecting them is good common sense…and it’s easier to protect them when UV purifiers are being used.

Once you’ve learned the facts, why not contact our team today? We’ll be able to offer advice about how to select the right UV Purifier. We’re also standing by in order to offer expert air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services.

Reduce Mold in A/C Coils

When you run an air purifier, you’ll find that less mold collects in the coils of your air conditioning system. Every A/C system has a coil which is typically crafted from copper tubes (which bring cold refrigerant where it is needed). Mold is a typical by-product of a coil’s daily and nightly performance and it may be reduced by the utilization of an air purifier.

Without an air purifier, there’s really nothing that will stop mold from growing on a coil and eventually (and negatively!) impacting its performance.

The filters which are included in air conditioning coils don’t filter mold. If you’re not purifying your air, you’ll find that mold becomes a problem in your A/C system over time. This may lead to repairs, replacements or (when an A/C system is neglected) a total system crash! The best way to protect your air conditioning system investment is to buy an air purifier today.

Regular maintenance With Temperature Control Corp

Another great way to protect an A/C system is to schedule regular maintenance via our HVAC company in Los Angeles, CA.

Without proper maintenance, an array of problems may crop up and go unaddressed, including mold growth within the coils of your A/C system. The best way to keep an A/C system functional and as energy-efficient as it can be is to get it checked regularly, such as twice per year.

Our technicians know how to check and service a wide variety of air conditioning systems and they are standing by in order to offer everything that you might need, from emergency repairs to installation of a brand-new system to regular maintenance.

We’ll make sure that your air conditioning system works perfectly, so why not call us today?