As temperatures hit record levels, many Americans move indoors to keep cool.   Using air conditioners, internal temperatures can be kept comfortable while temperatures outside are scorching.  When you started using your air conditioner this season, you may have noticed something different.  In particular, your air conditioner may be making a lot of noise.  Now it is normal for air conditioners to make noise when they are running.  What we are talking about is the noise in excess of this.  It can range from slightly above what you are used to all the way to deafening.  Let’s take a look at some of the common causes to see how you ensure your air conditioner is working correctly and stay cool.

If your AC Unit Is…

  • Hissing:

A hissing AC unit typically means that there are problems with ductwork involved.  The hissing can also change to a whistling.  In addition, it could mean that your refrigerant is leaking.

  • Popping:

If your AC unit is making a popping sound, then it is probably a result of issues with your ductwork instead of your cool unit.  If popping is followed by the air stopping, then it is most certainly your duct work.

  • Grinding:

A sound no one enjoys hearing, grinding is a result of problems with one of the fan motors.  This will require a professional fix.

  • Rattling:

A common enough sound, rattling typically means that something has fallen into the vents and is being hit by the fans.  It can also be a sign that the motor is aging.

Is It Time To Get A New AC?

So your AC is making loud sounds.  Is it now time to get a new AC unit?  Before going out and looking at new models, consider the age of your AC unit.  Those under 15 years of age are typically still within their prime and worth trying to fix.  Generally speaking, replacing your AC unit with a new one should be considered a last resort.  If you can still get life out of an existing model, you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

What you can do now is consider contacting a professional HVAC technician.  They can evaluate what problems you are having with the unit and recommend the best possible fix to quiet that loud noise.  An added benefit s that fixing a part like a motor or blade is far less expensive than replacing the entire unit.    Consider the information here and good luck staying cool this summer.