Having to live through the summer with a broken AC unit is as bad as it can get. The heat will eventually take a toll on you and there’s only so much you can do with a defunct air conditioning unit. What you really need is to find a way to make sure that your AC unit is ready for the summer sun.

Since summer is just around the corner, you have to be sure that your AC unit is doing well. You might not know it, but your AC unit may already be breaking down right before your very eyes! Don’t let it reach that point – as early as now, you have to check your air conditioning unit’s status.

Here are some usual signs that your AC unit needs to be replaced:

1.)       Loud Noises – Remember the day when you first bought your AC? It was probably as quiet as a sleeping baby. If you are starting to hear some weird noises that come out of your air conditioning system, then that can be one of the early signs that it may be breaking down. The noise is primarily caused by problems with the AC’s fan belt.

A fan belt is the part of your AC system that is responsible for driving air into your conditioner’s fan. Once the fan becomes rusty, or old through time, that is when you’ll start to hear noises.

The bad thing about this unwanted noise is that aside from it being annoying, it is also an indication that your unit’s efficiency is suffering. The noise will start off as occasional hisses – then eventually it will become louder and more unbearable.

The best plan of action is to consult an air conditioning expert so that he may be able to find a solution to the problem. Figuring it out yourself may just make matters worse and have you end up spending more for a repair.

2.)       Weaker Airflow – Your AC unit may be in deep trouble once the airflow starts to become weaker. The primary cause of this could be your unit’s air filters. Heavily clogged air filters reduce the airflow coming out of the unit. On a larger scale, clogged air filters can potentially strain your entire AC system.

Air filters tend to become dirty after some time. This is why having your AC unit cleaned every few months is important to ensure that your unit will be able to function well.

There may be other reasons behind it that the average person can’t predict. It’s better to contact an HVAC expert so that they can examine the root cause of the problem.

3.)       Can’t Get Any Cold Air – When your AC unit no longer distrubites the cool air you were accustomed to – it can only mean that something is definitely wrong with your AC system.

This problem could be caused by various reasons – but primarily, this happens when your AC unit is already of old age. Another reason for this could be the dirt build up inside the AC unit. Dirt and dust may be blocking the cold air that’s supposed to come out of the unit. Some of the time, having the air conditioner cleaned won’t suffice. The AC unit may just be too old for it to function properly.

Even gadgets and appliances have a life span, including air conditioning units so it’s normal for this to occur.

Before you completely decide on buying a new AC unit, it’s better to consult a technician and have your system checked first. If they tell you that your unit just needs a clean-up and a few part replacements, then you should opt for that first. All it may take is a couple of part replacements or a simple cleaning and your AC system may be back to normal.

But if they tell you that buying a new one is a much better option – don’t hesitate at all. Buying a new air conditioner may be better than spending a lot of money on repairs.

If your air conditioner is suffering from these symptoms, then you should be looking to buy a new one before summer hits.

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