Thermostats have been around for a while.  Designed to automatically regulate temperatures inside the home, thermostats are reactionary in nature, acting only when they register the interior temperature to be at a certain point.  While there have been many advancements to the thermostat since the first models created in the 1830’s by the Scottish chemist Andrew Ure, only recently has the technology taken the next step forward.

Using older models of thermostats decreases comfort and wastes money.  Lets take a look at two particular advancements in thermostats, and why you will save money with a new thermostat installation.

Advancements In Programmable Technology

While thermostats are designed to automatically regulate temperatures, many people do not correctly utilize the programmable feature, instead wasting money when they could be saving.  With newer thermostats out there, programming the thermostat around your lifestyle is a fantastic way to conserve power and bring down those energy costs.  Typically, with a programmable thermostat, you will begin cooling your home roughly 30 minutes before you come home in the summer moments, saving countless hours worth of cooling costs.  With this installation, you can save upwards of 1/3 of your energy bill, giving you money that can better be spent elsewhere.

Advancements In Accessibility

Regulating the airflow in your home can be a very wasteful process.  Having identified that closer inspection of this information can result in less waste, many new thermostats come with WiFi compatibility, allowing you to regulate the interior temperature over the course of the day.

With a new WiFi enabled thermostat, you gain to benefit.  The first benefit is the ability to precisely track the amount of energy spent on heating or cooling over the course of the day.  This information can be compared to your interior temperature to see where you are using the most amount of energy.  The second benefit of a WiFi enabled thermostat is that you can use this information to carefully tweak interior temperatures over the day to provide the maximum cost effectiveness and savings.  From controlling the temperature every day of the week remotely to manipulating the interior temperature without ever having to get up, a WiFi enable thermostat will make regulating the interior temperature of your home fast, easy, and efficient.  Because of these two reasons and more, you will be able to save a good amount of money with a new thermostat installation.

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