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Three Common A/C Problems

If you're hot in the summer and unable to get your air conditioner working properly then it may be time to call in an expert for repair help. Your air conditioner may be working erratically, not blowing cold air, or even simply making loud noises. Whatever the problem, getting professional help is a good idea. [...]

Replacing Your Air Conditioner with a High Efficiency One

The best time to replace your old air conditioner is not in the middle of the summer when it has died. It's easy to take this piece of equipment for granted and use it without any thought to its well being, but regular care and maintenance will keep it running its best. Sometimes though, even [...]

Reasons Your AC Is Making Loud Sounds & What You Can Do About It

As temperatures hit record levels, many Americans move indoors to keep cool.   Using air conditioners, internal temperatures can be kept comfortable while temperatures outside are scorching.  When you started using your air conditioner this season, you may have noticed something different.  In particular, your air conditioner may be making a lot of noise.  Now it [...]

Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioning Issues

Every year, countless individuals battle with their air conditioners.  Along with the strain of making sure all the right settings are programmed in, there are also the countless costs associated with hiring a professional if something goes wrong with the air conditioner.  The next time something goes wrong, don’t pick up the phone.  Instead, take [...]

How Can I Reduce Energy Costs When I Need My AC Running

Hot summers call for air conditioning round the clock. It's comfortable this way, but the smile fades away when you see the electricity bill going well beyond your expectations. Is it possible to lower the expenses without making any sacrifices? Los Angeles air conditioning company Temperature Control Corp is here to help. You don't have [...]

7 Home Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner helps in cooling the internal environment and keeps it pleasant, providing comprehensive protection from warm temperatures outside. Air conditioners are particularly helpful in regions where the temperatures easily soar over the comfortable temperature, making it difficult to sustain to in the normal air temperature. However, as the air conditioners are expensive home appliances, [...]

How to Improve The Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner?

During the summers, the air conditioner is one home appliance that one cannot do without. The soaring temperature and humidity can make the environment unbearable and wanting to cool the inside temperature of the home or office is no sin. However, using air conditioner too much or throughout the day can cause the energy bills [...]