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Discover the Signs of a Furnace Which Is Short-Cycling

Furnaces are sometimes in need of repair. They always require regular and scheduled maintenance. If you don't know the signs of typical furnace problems, such as short-cycling, you may not know when to call for help. Today, we'd like to keep you informed by sharing the sign of a furnace which is short-cycling. This is [...]

Why Are Newer Gas Furnaces More Energy Efficient?

Newer gas furnaces are more energy-efficient because they are often designed in order to meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Appliances which are rated as EnergyStar –approved are very attractive to consumers, as they use up less power and they are eco-friendly. This is why many manufacturers of newer gas furnaces produce EnergyStar-rated designs. It’s just [...]

Will This Be The Season I Replace My Furnace?

When it comes to weather, some parts of the country simply luck out.  For those living in southern California, beautiful weather is more of the expectation than a rare occurrence.  As a result, we aren’t the quickest to replace aged heating units.  While other parts of the country race to get heating ready for the [...]