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Your Furnace And Other Tips To Winterize Your Home

At some point around autumn, you’re going to feel that change in the temperature. While things tend to begin cooling down by the start of the fall season, it isn’t until around the middle point that we begin to feel that chill in the air. That sudden shift to cooler-getting-colder temperatures tells us in no [...]

Replacing Your Air Conditioner with a High Efficiency One

The best time to replace your old air conditioner is not in the middle of the summer when it has died. It's easy to take this piece of equipment for granted and use it without any thought to its well being, but regular care and maintenance will keep it running its best. Sometimes though, even [...]

The Pros and Cons of a Mini AC Unit

Mini split system air conditioners are ductless and the perfect solution for many homes and businesses. They come in handy in home additions where duct work may not already be able to be ran, or where it may not be a convenient option to have it ran. They can also be much more cost efficient [...]

Reasons Your AC Is Making Loud Sounds & What You Can Do About It

As temperatures hit record levels, many Americans move indoors to keep cool.   Using air conditioners, internal temperatures can be kept comfortable while temperatures outside are scorching.  When you started using your air conditioner this season, you may have noticed something different.  In particular, your air conditioner may be making a lot of noise.  Now it [...]

Noisy Heating Systems and the Underlying Causes

It’s not just things that go bump in the night that give us pause for thought or a reason to be concerned. Most unusual noises in the home can be traced back to one root cause: the heating system. Regardless of whether you live in the most modern house with state of the art heating [...]

How To Balance Indoor Humidity

No matter where in the country your home is located there are always problems maintaining the humidity levels throughout the house. While your living room may be comfy, the kitchen and bedrooms might be cold and damp. Not only is the correct humidity desirable for your comfort but incorrect levels can lead to excess moisture [...]

Why Are Newer Gas Furnaces More Energy Efficient?

Newer gas furnaces are more energy-efficient because they are often designed in order to meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Appliances which are rated as EnergyStar –approved are very attractive to consumers, as they use up less power and they are eco-friendly. This is why many manufacturers of newer gas furnaces produce EnergyStar-rated designs. It’s just [...]

Will This Be The Season I Replace My Furnace?

When it comes to weather, some parts of the country simply luck out.  For those living in southern California, beautiful weather is more of the expectation than a rare occurrence.  As a result, we aren’t the quickest to replace aged heating units.  While other parts of the country race to get heating ready for the [...]