Tarzana Air Conditioning and Heating Services by Temperature Control Corp

When you think of home, you probably imagine a certain level of comfort. It’s not just the automatic shelter it provides, it’s all the thing furnishings and features that make it distinctly yours. Of course, part of it is also the physical feeling you get from setting the temperature to just the right level in order to stay warm or cool. In order to make or keep this a reality for your home, always keep in mind Temperature Control Corp. We offer

  • Consultation
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Superior Customer Service

Tarzana Air Conditioning Service

While everyone wants air conditioning for their home, many people feel as though they can’t afford it. But with the right make, model and payment method, it could probably be a reality for more people than who think it is. Call us today and we’ll put our expertise to use by finding out how the comfort of cold air can be an option for you.

If you already have a unit, think of us when it comes to regular maintenance. By giving your unit the attention it deserves throughout the year, you can avoid the challenge of all of a sudden having your air conditioning no longer cooperating.

Tarzana Air Conditioner Repair

Of course, if your air conditioner does cease working normally, Temperature Control Corp is more than happy to help you out. Call us the moment you begin noticing something isn’t right and you’ll avoid a worse problem from forming. Before any air conditioning repair we’ll always be sure to walk you through our recommendation and quote you a price.

Tarzana Heating Service

Sometimes it’s not that your home is too hot, it’s that it’s far too cold. The right heating system can be worth its weight in gold in these situations. Just like with A/C, if you think you can’t afford to heat your home, try talking to us about it first. There’s almost always an affordable option to choose.

Tarzana Heater Repair

If it stops working, finding the right heating repair for your system is important. You want to handle matters as soon as they become evident and you want to make sure you’re not hiring someone who’s going to make matters worse. Fortunately, our technicians are all trained to diagnose your problem accurately and then fix it correctly.

Tarzana Indoor Air Quality Services

Just as important as the temperature of your air is its contents. If you suffer from allergies, you’re already intimately aware of this fact. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in today’s modern world. Everything from air purifiers to dehumidifiers and technology built to kill germs on the spot exists to keep your home a healthy place to breath. Temperature Control Corp is also knowledgeable about these areas and can install, replace and maintain any number of units you might need.

No matter what HVAC services Tarzana residents need, Temperature Control Corp exists to handle them. Call us as soon as you think something is wrong or the moment you want to discuss possible installations. We know that once you’ve experienced our professional services, you’ll never consider another heating and air conditioning company again.