Mini split system air conditioners are ductless and the perfect solution for many homes and businesses. They come in handy in home additions where duct work may not already be able to be ran, or where it may not be a convenient option to have it ran. They can also be much more cost efficient when it comes to the cost of adding additional duct work.

Mini units are similar to central air conditioning units; in that they have two main components. They offer an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit for air handling. The power cable is housed in conduit as well.

These mini air conditioner systems offer flexibility due to their small size and are perfect for cooling smaller, individual rooms. It is very common to be able to attach up to four indoor handling units to a single outdoor unit. There are a couple of things that factor in when it comes to how many units can be hooked up in order to effectively cool each room. Insulation is a big factor in this.Each of the mini units is equipped with its own thermostat. This results in energy efficiency because you will not have to run all units unnecessarily. These ductless units are much easier to install than other cooling systems. Normally, only a 3-inch hole is required in the wall for the conduit to be run through. This in itself makes the installation much easier than expanding a central unit.

The also offer flexibility when it comes to interior design. There is versatility in that they can be hung from the ceiling, or even hung on the wall if desired. This can also be considered a safety feature. Window unit air conditioners may provide easy access for intruders.

As with anything, there are a few disadvantages as well. They can be a bit costly and may not be something that is affordable for everyone. The average price is roughly $1500 to $2000 per ton of cooling capacity. This cost is about 30% more than a central cooling unit alone. This cost can also be twice as much as purchasing a window unit.

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