Keeping your air conditioner well maintained and prepared to beat the heat of summer is necessary to stay comfortable in an otherwise unbearable warm weather. There are many things one can do to prepare the AC for summer and keep it well maintained. It increases the life span of the air conditioner and also ensures better performance. Regulating the use and ensuring the home is insulated well before summer can also be helpful, as it not only increases the overall performance of the air conditioner, but also helps in saving considerably on the energy bills. Here are the few maintenance tips that you should follow to keep your air conditioner in tip-top condition for the summer–


  • Air filters is one of the most crucial components of the air conditioners that have a huge impact on the performance of the air conditioners. Maintaining it is very easy and one should check and change the air filters at regular intervals to optimize the performance of the air filter. Air filters catch the dirt and the debris in the air to provide pure and fresh air and therefore, tends to get dusty very soon and if it is not cleared, the air circulation takes a lot more time than usual and the performance is also hampered, putting high pressure on the compressor, increasing the energy bills and taking longer to cool the room.
  • Thermostat constitutes another important air conditioner component and its settings should be regulated. Generally, the temperature is set at 78 degrees during summers and a bit more when the user is out of the house to save energy and to maintain a pleasant environment inside. If your air conditioner does not have a thermostat, buying a programmable thermostat is a good idea. Changing batteries at regular intervals is also a good idea to ensure smooth functioning of AC.
  • Condenser of an air conditioner is installed outside the house and is prone to catch dirt, debris, lawn clippings and leaves very easily. Too much of clogging of dirt can lead to reduced and poor air flow, which would affect the overall functioning of the AC. Covering it with a shelter and cleaning the condenser regularly ensures that the dirt clogging does not increase to dangerous levels. High build up of dirt and debris can make the machine works harder, which in turn would also impact the energy efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Window AC – These units are designed to cool a smaller area or particularly one room. If the units are powerful, it may help in cooling the adjacent areas as well, but generally will take longer time. Maintaining the window units is relatively easy, but one of the major problems with this ACs is the dust and debris build-up. If too much dust builds up inside the unit, the amount of cool air it passes can be low and it would also increase the energy bills heavily. Since, these units are completely sealed, taking help from professional HVAC experts is mandatory to maintain, repair or check window ACs.
  • Reducing strain on your AC – It is necessary that you take additional steps to ensure that your AC does not have to endure more strain than it is meant to. Insulating the attic and your home as per the standard is highly necessary to enjoy proper cooling and maintain a pleasant environment inside the house. Proper insulation also helps in lowering the energy bills.

Beating the heat of the summers is easy if you can follow the above steps accurately. The aim is to put low strain on air-conditioner, keeping it clean inside and regulate its running time to enhance its life and efficiency. Getting the AC unit checked by a professional HVAC expert half-yearly or yearly can also help in ensuring there are no problems with the AC. It also helps in the smooth functioning of the AC, cutting repair and maintenance cost and increases the lifespan of the unit.

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