A properly sealed and well designed duct system can help in maintaining a cool temperature inside the house, while also ensuring that there is no heat or cool air loss. It also helps save hundreds of dollars on energy bills by ensuring that the temperature inside the property is pleasant and comfortable. A duct system that is not well maintained or have a lot of holes and cracks through the passage will not be able to provide a consistent flow of cool or warm air from the HVAC system. This negatively impacts the air quantity as well as the quality. Here are the few benefits of a well maintained duct sealing.

  • If the ducts have a lot of holes and cracks, the cool air will pass through it and the air conditioner would have to work harder to maintain a cool temperature inside the property.
  • The other benefit of duct sealing is the energy efficiency it passes on to the consumers. When there is no leakage of warm or cool air, the air conditioner can function normally and optimally, without taking the extra burden.
  • The air quality is greatly enhanced with the help of a good duct sealing. When there are holes and cracks throughout the duct system, not only the air flows out, the dirty air filled with allergens, dirt and debris flow in as well. This can cause an uncomfortable and heavily polluted air to flow inside the property, which can heavily impact on the health as well.
  • With a faulty duct sealing, the temperature inside the property is never consistent. It remains comfortable for some time, and then changes back to uncomfortable. Due to the faulty duct sealing the temperature is uneven, and it can be highly uncomfortable.
  •  A good duct system can help with maintaining safety of the house as well. A duct system ensures that harmful gases and fumes from the home appliances are sucked out, but the entire process can be reversed as well in the case of faulty duct. And, this can, at times, even lead to fire.
  • A good duct sealing can indirectly help in protecting the environment, because it enhances the efficiency of the heating and cooling system by 20 percent. And, the lesser we use the energy; the more we are contributing towards a better environment.

The HVAC specialist can use methods such as the pressurization subtraction or the duct testing, to check if there are any problems with your duct sealing or if needs any kinds of repairs. Many a times, when the duct system is too old, it is better to replace it completely to ensure that there are no repetitive problems, which are bound to happen once the duct system has lived through its average life span. The specialist would help you understand the benefits of the duct sealing for your house in details, and will also tell you exactly how much you would be able to save on energy bills through it after evaluating your house or office, and the space it has.