Every year, countless individuals battle with their air conditioners.  Along with the strain of making sure all the right settings are programmed in, there are also the countless costs associated with hiring a professional if something goes wrong with the air conditioner.  The next time something goes wrong, don’t pick up the phone.  Instead, take a moment to review this brief guide on how you can save money by troubleshooting common air conditioner problems yourself.

Trouble Starting The Air Conditioner

This is the most common problem people report.  Thankfully, it has one of the easiest solutions out there.  Before moving forward with other possible solutions, make sure that it is plugged in.  If it is, then make sure the outlet itself is working by plugging in a different device with similar wattage requirements.  If this makes no difference at all, then re-check the thermostat setting if there is one to make sure it is not set very high.

Trouble Reaching The Desired Temperature

If you are having problems cooling your room, then set the thermostat down by a few degrees or increase the intensity of the air conditioning unit.  In either case, if you can reach the desired temperature this way then you have found a temporary solution and your problem may involve the cooling unit itself getting either clogged or getting older and less functional.

Trouble Cooling At All

There are several reasons why your air conditioner may be struggling to work.  One that people don’t consider is that when it is really hot outside, you air conditioner will struggle to work and maintain the levels you want.  In addition, you may want to clean the air conditioning cooling unit, as it being clogged or dirty can impact performance.

Trouble Staying On

Many times an air conditioner will fail to stay on if something is blocking the cooling process.  Make sure the filters are clean and that any debris visible is removed.

Consider Contacting A Professional

If none of these suggestions are making a difference, then it may be time to contact a professional heating and air conditioning company and have them look at your air conditioner.  As there can be a host of mechanical and electrical problems, it may require the educated focus of a trained technician to properly address your problem.  With that in mind, when the days get hot, having such a repair man on hand will become an increasingly good idea.

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