Newer gas furnaces are more energy-efficient because they are often designed in order to meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Appliances which are rated as EnergyStar –approved are very attractive to consumers, as they use up less power and they are eco-friendly. This is why many manufacturers of newer gas furnaces produce EnergyStar-rated designs. It’s just good business and it benefits everyone.

Now, let’s talk about some specific reasons why gas furnaces are more energy-efficient these days. These furnace styles have really evolved and this is why we encourage you to upgrade to a newer design (if you’re currently running an older gas furnace). Your existing model may be using up a lot more power than it should be…

A new gas furnace will pay for itself over time, by saving energy and lowering your power bills. This is why going for a new design makes financial sense down the line. Just be sure to choose a furnace with an EnergyStar rating, as well as strong and positive ratings from real-life consumers and Los Angeles HVAC experts.

Features of Newer Gas Furnaces

Newer gas furnaces typically don’t have standing pilot lights. Standing pilot lights drain energy, as they never stop running. The newer designs have high-tech ignition systems which run electronically and this means that pilot lights don’t need to be kept going during the cold-weather months.

As well, modern gas furnace designs come with blowers of the variable-speed variety. This is in contrast to older styles, which had blowers with only two settings, which were “On” and “Off”. Since new gas furnaces adjust automatically according to varying heating requirements during daytime, they are very energy-efficient.

Also, a newer model of gas furnace should have second heat exchanger, which will conserve more heat, rather than letting it seep out of a vent. This is a great modern feature, as the second heat exchange receives vapors from the first in order to generate more heat.

Lastly, modern gas furnaces feature sealed combustion, which means that they don’t draw air from the interior of a home. Instead, they take air from outside.

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