When it comes to weather, some parts of the country simply luck out.  For those living in southern California, beautiful weather is more of the expectation than a rare occurrence.  As a result, we aren’t the quickest to replace aged heating units.  While other parts of the country race to get heating ready for the harsh, winter months, life moves a bit slower in southern California Los Angeles.

Even with mild weather, this may be the season you should consider replacing your furnace.  Let’s review three of the primary reasons why you should consider replacing your furnace, even if it is still currently in working order.  Simply put, it will save you time and money in the long run.

  • The Cost Of Fixing The Furnace:  When it comes to your heating, there is a simple rule to follow.  If the cost of fixing your furnace is equal to or greater than the cost of the furnace as it currently stands, you should replace it.  Not doing so will run you into dramatically higher costs over the next few years of care and maintenance.
  • Your Heating Cost:  A good indicator that it may be the season to replace your furnace is an increase to your heating costs.  Plot out your last few heating bills and see if your costs have gone up.  If there is an increase in the cost and the weather has not changed dramatically for the worse, then it may be the time to replace your furnace.  By taking care of this now, you save yourself hundreds of dollars in bills over the next few years.
  • You Own An Antique:  Everything, regardless of build quality and material usage will break down over time.  Your furnace is no exception.  Look up the model of your current furnace and determine its age.  In addition, look up the information on the run life as provided by the manufacturer.  Having designed the furnace, the manufacturer will typically include the number of years of operation you can use it before it has to be replaced.  If you are looking for a ballpark figure, then know that the majority of furnaces that run on gas last around 17 years, while furnaces that are electric typically last longer.  Replacing your antique is the best way to ensure future costs do not skyrocket as well as ensure warmth if and when it gets cold out.

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